Manuvia Jobliner s.r.o.


Manuvia Group is international company - your HR partner for CEE countries.

In local markets with 18 European and Asian countries, we provide expert global solutions through professional service & consulting. We are a reliable partner in all HR areas, and we guarantee
a professional approach and top-notch provision of services for both clients and candidates. Our extensive portfolio of services allows us to cover all our customers' HR needs. Manuvia id data: 350+ Internal employees, 6 000+ Assigned employees, 9+9 Countries in which we operate, 58 International branches, 20 Years of cooperation with clients, 58 Branches, 10 000+ Agency employees every year, 350+ New permanent employees every year. 


  • TEMPORARY STADFFING: With short-term and long-term assignment of workers, we can help you cover personnel fluctuations in production.
  • EXPERT RECRUITMENT: We can quickly build teams and find suitable candidates in IT, trade, finance and more.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Our international branch network allows us to carefully select suitable candidates for you directly in the country of origin. We also take care of the visa process.
  • INTERIM: We will supply you with an experienced IT specialist or manager for a pre-determined period, in times of fundamental changes or when a specific project needs to be implemented.
  • HR SOLUTIONS: In addition to HR, we offer the services of our professional team in payroll, IT, marketing, and others.
  • SOLVEO: We offer comprehensive services (human resources, project financing, production process management, lean management, logistics, etc.)

Manuvia Jobliner s.r.o.
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