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SmartCAD is a company dealing with the latest software technologies for the digitization of the construction space and their implementation in practice. BIM processes are part of this digital transformation.

The goal is to create a digital twin of each not only existing construction work, but also the currently designed work, as well as the work under construction. A digital twin is a true and vivid image of reality. It always contains up-to-date information that we can extract, sort and evaluate in the online space in order to optimize the project, construction and especially operation. The result for the investor or operator is cost savings and increased efficiency. We cooperate with progressive private companies. We participate in the preparation of state digitization


Development of usable complete BIM construction projects for their effective design, construction and operation

Use of CAFM, CDE for effective digital operation management

Passportization and digitization of existing land and line constructions, engineering networks, industrial parks

Preparation of BIM construction management

Complete IT software and hardware equipment

smartCAD s.r.o.
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Ing. Ján Žilka

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Ing. Ján Žilka
Phone: +421940636480


Investors requiring BIM for new projects and digital management and maintenance of their construction investments.

Design offices that implement BIM software technologies.