CREDIS Law s.r.o.


CREDIS Law s.r.o. is a law firm services especially include determining the most advantageous structure to be utilized in entering the market, due diligence investigations, advice on regulatory and financing matters and problem-solving in connection with various operational and strategic barriers frequently encountered in Central Europe.

CREDIS Law s.r.o. is involved in provision of advisory services in other areas of law, such as acquisition and merger issues, corporate, real estate, tax law, bankruptcy, antimonopoly issues, labour law, energy law, telecommunication law, international law, administrative law, criminal  law and intellectual property law (with focus on highly actual IT law) and other legal areas.  Credis Law s.r.o. has also acquired massive experience in representing its clients in court and administrative proceedings.

CREDIS Law s.r.o. combines the quality and knowledge found in a large international institution with exceptional knowledge of the local legal environment and cost advantage of a local company.


  • M&A
  • General corporate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Labour and employment
  • Internet
  • Securities, finance and banking
  • Taxation
  • Energy
  • Antimonopoly
  • Transportation
  • State aid
  • Litigation
  • Real estate

CREDIS Law s.r.o.
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811 07 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Telefón: +421 2 5263 3161

Daniel Grigel

Kontaktná osoba
Daniel Grigel
Telefón: +421 908 139 562



  • KIA (the Korean company engaged in an automotive industry)
  • MOBIS (the Korean company engaged in an automotive industry)
  • DONG WON (the Korean company engaged in an automotive industry)
  • HYSCO (the Korean company engaged in an automotive industry) and
  • GLOVIS (the Korean company engaged in the logistics to the automotive industry)
  • DYNABRADE (an American company engaged in production of industrial power tools)
  • COLGATE-PALMOLIVE (an American multinational company engaged in the manufacture and distribution of personal care goods)
  • MANPOWER (an American company engaged in leasing of the personnel)
  • TYTEX (the Danish company engaged in manufacturing of healthcare products)
  • SUMITOMO ELECTRIC (the Japanese company)
  • LAGARDERE (the French company engaged in radio broadcasting and TV business)
  • NEP (the UK company engaged in real estate development)
  • FREMACH (the Belgian company engaged in production of plastics)
  • NAPA (the Maltese company engaged in the real estate development)
  • TOTAL STEEL PARTNER (the Swedish company engaged in distribution of mining and drilling machines)
  • SAARGUMI (the German company engaged in production of certain parts for automotive industry)
  • SID (an American company engaged in leasing of personnel)
  • AXA (the French company engaged in insurance business)
  • SCHMIDT KRANZ (the German Company engaged in production of engineering tools)
  • AC NIELSEN (an American company collecting and reporting on purchasing and media information)