EOSnebotra, a.s.


The renowned EOS Innovazioni and nebotra have long been among the leading consultancies on the market. Their merger has created EOSNEBOTRA, the largest consultancy company in the field of EU funds for businesses.

In 15+20 years of experience, we have implemented more than 800 projects for our clients with a total value of more than € 1 billion, with a success rate of more than 90% of the applications submitted.

Eligible entities in Slovakia have the unique opportunity to draw up to €30 billion of European funding. EOSNEBOTRA will make your path to these funds as easy as possible - our experience, experts, in-house methodology and comprehensive coverage will be at your service.


EOS Nebotra provides wide range of financial services, projec tmanagement and consultancy services mainly in the following areas

• Research and Development

• Renewable Energy

• Education

• Agriculture

• Enviromental Consultancy


• Waste and Water management

• Nature Protection

• Innovative Technologies

• Clean Air and Polution

• Antiflood Measurements

EOSnebotra, a.s.
Bajkalská 19/B
821 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


Contact Person
Ing.Michal Hort
Phone: +421 905 756 205