ISA invites


Date: 26. NOVEMBER from 10 a.m.

Register: until November 24




✓  Economic aspects of business in Ukraine (Dmytro Konyshev, Director of the Economic Section of the Ukrainian Embassy in 2017-2021, Bratislava)

✓  Basic legislative framework of business in Ukraine (Yaroslav Checker, Arzinger Law Office, Kiev)

✓  Selected TOP sectors and opportunities for Slovak entrepreneurs - case studies (Prof. Yuriy Seniuk, National Science and Technology Association of Ukraine, Bratislava):

✓  ○ IT Production and agriculture

✓  ○ Real estate and construction

✓  ○ Energy

✓  Pract Best Practice (Alona Kurotová, consulting company SlovakiaInvest, Bratislava)

✓  Discussion