16.2.2022 - Webinár
3.6.2021 -
13.4.2021 - on-line webinár

What is new in R&D?

Webinar: Intercultural Communications
25.3.2021 - on-line webinár

How to prevent misunderstandings in business negotiations

Webinar Feb18,2021
18.2.2021 - webinár 18.február 2021
Current situation in terms of customs obligations
Webinár Feb17,2021
17.2.2021 - on-line webinár 17. február 2021

Changes in labour law and wage legislation in year 2021

Webinar invitation
4.12.2020 - Online seminár

Are you a company exporting to or importing from the UK? Do you want to learn more about how to prepare for the end of the transition period, when the trade relationship between the EU and the UK changes?

What is changing in state contributions and in labor relations in connection with COVID-19
26.11.2020 - Online seminar
In this free webinar we will deal with a practical explanation of current changes in state contributions and labor relations in connection with COVID-19
Business Breakfast Invitation
28.7.2020 - Twin City Tower, 22.posch. Business Lease Slovensko
 Crisis as a chance for TOP employee motivation 
14.4.2020 - Webinár
Business Breakfast Invitation
13.2.2020 - Bratislava, Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100
Amendment of the labor legislation in 2020

Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2019
24.10.2019 - Bratislava

Save the date October 24, 2019! New business partners and opportunities are waiting for you!
Bonus –20% discount on summer registration!

17.10.2019 - Bratislava, Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100
Practical experience with the functioning of the antisite law in light of the recent big novel
Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference, Prague
16.10.2019 - Hotel Grandium, Praha

One day event dedicated to the Private Equity & Venture Capital Industry

25.9.2019 - Nitra, Hotel Mikado
Regional Seminar Invitation
20.6.2019 - Trenčín, Hotel Magnus

We cordially invite you to the  regional seminar in Trencin

Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference
19.6.2019 - Bratislava, Galéria Nedbalka

Private Venture Equity Capital

Business Breakfast Invitation
11.6.2019 - Bratislava, Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100
Dual education in  traditional and non-traditional fields
Business Breakfast Invitation
4.6.2019 - Bratislava, Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100
News in customs law
Populism and Migration: How populism is shaping national immigration policies in the EU Member States
31.5.2019 - Hotel Austria Trend Bratislava


Workplace Solutions, Design Concept Development&Architecture
24.4.2019 - CBRE, Bratislava

Business Breakfast on Working Place Solutions hosting by the CBRE

Super tax relief on R&D can finally be super
17.4.2019 - Bratislava

How to apply and prepare yourself for a super tax relief of R&D costs

Business Breakfast: Digital Instrumenst in Facility Management
20.3.2019 - Bratislava

March 20, our Member Burea Veritas makes presentation on the topis Digital Instruments in Facility Management

Export-Import seminar by Prosman&Pavlovic
19.3.2019 - Bratislava


5.2.2019 - Bratislava
Slovak-Danish Business Forum
25.1.2019 - Bratislava, Hotel Devín

Danish companies visited Bratislava

Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference in Prague, November 23, 2018
23.11.2018 - Hotel Grandior, Praha

II. edition Venture Capital&Private Equity Conference

Slovak Matchmaking Fair Bratislava 2018
13.11.2018 - Bratislava

The largest international (B2B) event in Slovakia

Business Breakfast Invitation November 8, 2018
8.11.2018 - Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Futej&Partners,SARIO and ISA invites you to Business Breakfast

Get together November 6, 2018
6.11.2018 - Film Hotel, Vysoká 27, Bratislava

Informal ISA members meeting

Regional Seminar Nitra, October 10, 2018
10.10.2018 - 10. októbra sa konal seminár v Nitre

The regional seminar serials started in Nitra

Regional Seminar Nitra, October 10, 2018
10.10.2018 - Nitra

We invite you to the regional seminar in Hotel Mikado, Nitra

Business Breakfast: Amendment to the Commercial Code
25.9.2018 - Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava
New types of statutory bodies responsibilities 
Business Breakfast: Amendment to the Commercial Code
25.9.2018 - Bratislava

Autumn series launched

Wine tasting
20.9.2018 - Bratislava, Botel Grácia

Get together

Regional Seminar Senica
20.6.2018 - Senica

The 3rd regional seminar was held on June 20 in Senica

Regional Seminar Trenčín
12.6.2018 - Trenčín

II. Regional Seminar

Regional Seminar Nitra
30.5.2018 -

First from the regional seminar-Nitra

Regional Seminars Invitations
30.5.2018 - Trenčín, Nitra, Senica

We would like to invite you to the Regional seminars in Nitra, Trenčín and Senica

Slovak Matchmaking Fair Nitra
23.5.2018 - Nitra

The Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency invites you to the Slovak Matchmaking Fair Nitra 2018, which will take place on May 23, 2018 in Pavilion K, Agrokomplex Nitra, Slovakia as an official accompanying event to the 25th International Engineering Trade Fair in Nitra, Slovakia.

Business Breakfast: Current amendments in the Labour Code from May 1, 2018
16.5.2018 - SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Amendments in the Labour Code,which entered into force from May 1, and brought some important news - was the topic of the seminar under the leadership of Taylor&Wessing

Business Breakfast Invitation
16.5.2018 - Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

We would like to invite you to the next Business Breakfast on the topic:"Amendment in the Labor Code from  May1, 2018"

Business Breakfast Doing Business in Germany
19.4.2018 - Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Under the leadership of Mr. Arthur Brown, M.A., lawyer at bpv BRAUN PARTNERS, s.r.o. another ISA
events took place on April 19.
Business Breakfast Invitation
19.4.2018 - Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Seminar on co-operation with the german companies held on April 19, at 9 a.m.Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Business Breakfast BIM
21.3.2018 - GFI a.s., Brnianska 49, Bratislava
Business Breakfast
21.3.2018 - Bratislava, Brnianska 49

Invitation to Business Breakfast

Business Breakfast
13.3.2018 - Bratislava, Trnavská cesta 100

Seminar on GDPR presented by Futej&Partners

Business Breakfast GDPR
13.3.2018 - Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Amendments to the Act on GDPR: rights, duties and liability in connection with personal data processing

Italy-Slovakia: Investment&Trade Opportunities
27.11.2017 - Bratislava

Invitation to Italian-Slovak Seminar on December 4, in Bratislava: Investment&Trade Opportunities

II.regional seminars
7.11.2017 - Banská Bystrica, Trenčín, Nitra

II. Series of seminars organized by the ISA in cooperation with the members ts which werre held during October and November

Regional seminars
24.10.2017 - Banská Bystrica, Trenčín, Nitra

The second series of regional seminars organized by ISA members will take place in October / November.

China Brand Show 2017
13.9.2017 - China Brand Show 2017, Warsaw,

China Brand Show 2017, Warsaw,

Wine Tasting
7.9.2017 - Hotelo MATYŠAK, Pražska 15, Bratislava

Informal meeting of ISA members

Regional seminars
15.6.2017 - Žilina, Košice, Nitra

Series of regional seminars.

1.6.2017 - Hotel Zochova chata****, Piesok 4015/B7, Modra


Business Breakfast
25.4.2017 - Agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Posting workers abroad and employment of foreigners

Wine Tasting
30.3.2017 - Hotelo MATYŠAK, Pražska 15, Bratislava

Informal meeting of ISA members

Business Breakfast
28.2.2017 - agentúra SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava

Expected law and tax chnged in 2017.

Regional Seminars II
29.11.2016 - Košice, Nitra, Žilina

Series of regional senimars.

Whisky Tasting
10.11.2016 - Whisky Bar 44

Informal meeting of ISA members.

Belgium Forum
12.10.2016 - agentúra SARIO

Visit of Belgium delegation.

Business Breakfast
29.9.2016 - Trnavska cesta 100

HR Focus

Regional Seminars 2016
30.6.2016 -

Series of seminars in regions

25.5.2016 - Nitra
SpeedCHAIN Slovakia
19.5.2016 - Zochova Chata, Modra

SpeedCHAIN first time in Slovakia.

The British - Slovak SME Forum
17.2.2016 - Crowne Plaza Bratislava

Focus on Construction.

Business Breakfast
25.1.2016 - Trnavská cesta 100

Legal, tax and accounting update

Investment Seminar in Stockholm
12.11.2015 - Stockholom

Investment seminar in Stockholm.

Investment seminar in Oslo
10.11.2015 - Oslo

Doing business in Slovakia

PM Group five years in Slovakia
22.9.2015 - Slovenská Republika

International engineering, architecture and project management company PM Group celebrates 5th anniversary on the Slovak market.

EU Structural Funds
9.6.2015 - Košice, Nitra, Žilina.

Series of seminar in regions

Rum Tasting
26.5.2015 - Hviezdoslavovo nám. 7, Bratislava

Informal meeting of ISA members with rum tasting at The Rum Club.

Business Forum on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic of Turkey
31.3.2015 - Kongresová sála Ministerstva zahraničných vecí a európskych záležitostí SR, Bratilslava, Hlboká cesta 2
International projects and tenders - Professional conference for public CONECO
26.3.2015 - EXPO INCHEBA Bratislava, Hala B1, Programové centrum B1
The Lebanese delegation
25.2.2015 - SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100

Visit of the Lebanese delegation.

Ukraine delegation - Invest Ukraine
25.9.2014 - SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100

Visit of Ukraine delegation from Invest Ukraine agency.

18.9.2014 - Motokáry MAX60

Informal meeting of ISA members

10.9.2014 - Düsseldorf

Focus on Slovakia: The Fastest Growing Eurozone Member

Focus on Slovakia: The Fastest Growing
Eurozone Me


Japanese visit
28.8.2014 - SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100

Visit of Japanese companies.

BORY MALL Site Visit
12.6.2014 - Bory

Site Visit of new shopping mall.

Business Breakfast in Žilina
9.6.2014 - Žilina

Compliance & Corruption Prevention

Business Seminars in Regions
5.6.2014 - Restaurant VIX Žilina

Business Seminars in regions on a topic – How to improve daily operations of your business? Practical guides for managers.



Networking reception with Tochigi Keizai Doyukai
2.6.2014 - Hotel Arcadia, Bratislava

Networking meeting organized by N-Parner Group company with Japanese Embassy in Slovakia.

Turkish Trade Mission
23.4.2014 - Trnavska cesta 100, 821 01 Bratislava

Get to Know Slovakia as Your Investment Destination

19.3.2014 - SARIO, Trnavská cesta 100 Bratislava

The Office of the Embassy of Canada in Bratislava organized meeting of Commercial/Trade officers from Embassies and foreign offices in Slovakia



Wine Tasting
13.3.2014 - Hotel Matyšak

First ISA's members meeting in year 2014 with Wine Tasting at Hotel Matysak.

HR Roadshow
12.2.2014 - Stredná priemyselná škola strojnícka Bratislava

Last of the events of HR roadshow roadshow with the topic focused on vocational education: „Flexible, specialized and educated workforce in the region – systemic measures between schools, employers and employees“.

HR Roadshow
21.11.2013 - Košice, Žilina, Trnava, Bratislava

ISA in cooperation with Slovak regions, SARIO agency and Trenkwalder organizes a roadshow with the topic focused on vocational education.

Roadshow in Japan
11.11.2013 - Tokio, Osaka

SARIO agency in cooperation with ISA, Jetro and Slovak Embassy in Japan organized an investment roadshow.

Expo Real Munich 2013
7.10.2013 - Mníchov, Nemecko

ISA Association attended as exhibitor the International Trade Fair for Property and Investment - Expo Real 2013 in Munich, Germany on the Octobert 7-9, 2013.

Current amendment in Public Procurement
3.6.2013 - Bratislava

PPP Association is organizing an expert discussion on Public Procurement.  ISA Association is the Partner of the event.

Regional Seminars
10.5.2013 - Košice, Žilina, Nitra

Investment Suppor Association – ISA in cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia, law firm Futej & Partners, companies Graton Recruitment and Pricewaterhouse Coopers organized during May and June 2013 Business Seminars in Košice, Nitra and Žilina on a topic – The Changes in the Law and Their Impact to the Market.

Business Breakfast
5.3.2013 - Banská Bystrica

On the 5th of March 2013 ISA in cooperation with AmCham organized a business breakfast in Banska Bystrica. The main aim of the event was to introduce the possibility of EU funding to companies in Banska Bystrica region.

Investment seminar in China
27.2.2013 - Peking, Shanghai

On February 27, 2013, in Beijing the first from a series of investment seminars in China took place in order to present to potential Chinese investors the investment opportunities and business environment in Slovakia. The events were prepared by the Embassy of the SR in Beijing, in cooperation with ISA association, SARIO and Slovak-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Investment seminar was organized with help and attendance of ISA members - White & Case, KPMG and IPEC Group.

7.2.2013 - Pálffyho Palác, Zámocká 47, Bratislava
Business Breakfast
28.11.2012 - Bratislava

On November 28, 2012 Investment Support Association – ISA in collaboration with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia and SARIO Agency organized in Bratislava business breakfast named "SARIO - Your partner in Slovakia." The target audience were mainly established companies from the Nordic countries and the Netherlands.

ISA Business Cocktail
21.6.2012 - Senec

The event was organised by Investment Support Associaton – ISA. Its main purpose was meeting of national and international companies established in Slovakia, ISA members and SARIO partners to discuss business environment in Slovakia. Investment Support Association also celebrated its 1st birthday. General partner of the event was ČSOB Bank. Event took its place in Lobster restaurant in Senec and was attended by the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Economy of SR, Mr. Pavol Pavlis.

ISA Business Breakfast
6.12.2011 - Bratislava

Investment Support Association (ISA) has organized first Business Breakfast on „Investment Environment in Slovakia“. The key speakers of the first Business Breakfast were the Minister of Economy Juraj Miskov and CEO SARIO Robert Simoncic. The ISA Breakfast was attended by established companies from Bratislava and Trnava region.

Slovak Business Environment – Seminar in Nitra
15.11.2011 - Bratislava

On Tuesday, 15th of November, the Slovak investment and trade development agency (SARIO) organized a seminar about the latest legislative and business updates influencing the business environment. The event was first from the series, this time taking place in Nitra for established investors of this region.

SARIO: Investment seminar in the Czech Republic
6.10.2011 - Brno

The Slovak investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO) represented our country in the Czech Republic today. In cooperation with the Investment Support Association the agency organized an investment seminar at the International Engineering Fair in Brno.

SARIO: We want to help Slovakia to grow
24.6.2011 - Bratislava

The conference was attended by Minister of economy of the Slovak Republic Juraj Miskov, SARIO CEO Robert Simoncic, Deputy CEO and Director of the Foreign Direct Investment Section Andrea Gulova and ISA Executive Committee member Michal Kviecinsky.