Pozvánka na Business Breakfast

21.3.2018 -

Pracovné raňajky zamerané na tému "BIM a aké sú jeho prínosy pre verejný aj súkromný sektor" sa bude konať 21. marca od 8.30 v priestoroch GFI a.s., Brnianska 49, Bratislava

Business Breakfast

13.3.2018 -

Business breakfast  zameraný na problematiku ochrany osobných údajov sa bude konať 13.marca od 9 hod. Trnavská cesta 100, Bratislava





Manpower Index Trhu Práce 1Q2018

6.2.2018 -

Výsledky prieskumu na IQ2018 - analýza náborové prevízie/plány zamestnávateľov

Taliansko-Slovenské B2B stretnutie

14.12.2017 -

ISA v spolupráci  so SARIOm, Italianskonsulting a Mazars pozýva slov. firmy na seminár 'Slovakia-Italy: Investment and Trade Opportunities', zameraný na podporu obchodných vzťahov medzi slov. a tal.firmami.

Krivak & Co.



Krivak & Co.
Gajova 13
P.O.BOX 162
810 00 Bratislava

Telefón: +421 257 100 411
Fax: +421 257 100 410

Martin Krivák

Kontaktná osoba

Jana Štulrajterová
Telefón: +421 257 100 411
Fax: +421 257 100 410


The law firm Krivak & Co was established by Martin Krivák, attorney at law, in 1996, when he decided to benefit from his experience and create an association of young lawyers focused in particular on corporate clients.

Since its start, the law firm has held a strong position on Slovakia’s legal services market, earning a permanent place among noted law firms.

The law firm commands solid expertise, particularly in the areas of corporate law, financial and bank law, property law and IT law.

Krivak & Co. staff is dynamic, professional and flexible. Many successful attorneys at law and lawyers started their careers here. There are four to six lawyers in the core team who cooperate with experts in various areas of law. Together, they are able to provide comprehensive legal services. Even when cooperating with external experts, the law firm always provides all reports and communications to clients on its own. This way the company can provide excellent professional services with a smaller team for an acceptable price.

Good relationships with clients are the priority. Krivak & Co. ensures that the reports are clear and understandable, even for those without a legal education. Main goal is to maintain the clients’ confidence through good communication and quality services.


Krivak & Co, s.r.o. provides practical and commercially oriented legal advice and always tries to find suitable solutions to enable the client to achieve their goals. For every client and every case, we assemble a team of lawyers specialized in the relevant field of law to provide optimal services to the client.

The law firm provides legal services to local and foreign clients, predominantly in Bratislava but in other parts of Slovakia and in Czech Republic as well.

Krivak & Co, s.r.o. particularly focuses on the following fields of law:

  • Corporate Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business and Civil Contractual Law
  • Bank and Financial Law
  • Representing in Court, Administrative and Arbitration Proceedings, Mediation
  • Representation in Bankruptcy Proceedings and Restructuring
  • Labour Law
  • Intellectual Property Law and IT Law
  • Personal Data Protection
  • European and International Law
  • Competition Law
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Public Sector, Regulation, Public Grants and Legislation


Bank and Financial Law, Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Litigation, Administrative Law, Labour Law, Intellectual Property Law and IT Law, Real Estate, European Law