Prosman&Pavlovič, advokátska kancelária s.r.o.


Prosman and Pavlovič law firm has been providing legal services in Slovak republic since 2009 to local entities and also to international corporation supporting their business worldwide.

Our law firm provides complex legal support to newcomers to the Slovak business market, considering not only legal aspects but focusing on possible tax and customs aspects as well, taking into account the particulars of the local business environment while ensuring compliance with that European legal standards (where applicable).

We are founding member of the Customs Law Group (CLG) which is network of cooperating local law firms established in V4 countries (SK, CZ, POL, H) and Germany and providing services in the area of customs and taxes within EÚ territory with the knowledge of the local specifications and language.

Our law firm provides the legal services in wide range of the law areas and jurisdiction, especially in the area of Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax and Customs, Intellectual Property, Transportation and Forwarding, Banking and Finance, Data Protection, etc.

Legal services in our office are provided in Slovak, English, German, Spanish and Hungarian language.

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-      Tax and Customs Law

-      Transportation and Forwarding law

-      Banking and Finance

-      Mergers and Acquisitions

-      Competition Law

-      Data Protection Law

-      IT Law and E-commerce

-      Intellectual Property Law

-      EU Law

-      Real Estate Law

-      Litigation and Arbitration

-      Administrative Law

Prosman&Pavlovič, advokátska kancelária s.r.o.
Hlavná 31, 917 01 Trnava

Phone: +421 2 321 147 75

JUDr. Maroš Prosman, JUDr. Tomáš Pavlovič, JUDr. Peter Rokaš, LL.M.

JUDr. Maroš Prosman, JUDr. Tomáš Pavlovič, JUDr. Peter Rokaš, LL.M.

Contact Person
JUDr. Rastislav Vysocký, LL.M.
Phone: +421 2 321 147 75


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